What’s in a name?

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I’m still doing some research into the actual dates but;

Name changes occurred for the Refrigeration Operator and the Boiler Operator’s certification in 2005-2009. Some confusion has occurred with the name changes. The Refrigeration Operator’s name became the 5th Class Power Engineer – Refrigeration Endorsement and the Boiler Operator became the 5th Class Power Engineer – Boiler Endorsement. The names remained unchanged until approximately 2013.

The next change moved the 5th Class Power Engineer – Refrigeration Endorsement back to a Refrigeration Operator and the 5th Class Power Engineer – Boiler Endorsement dropped the “Boiler Endorsement” and held at 5th Class Power Engineer.

We often have this conversation with our employers, employees, and job applicants. Occasionally the general public inquires, but mostly its within the industry and technology specific.

Many ask why? I have found some information as to why.
From a document I found;
Change “Fifth Class Power Engineer (Refrigeration Endorsement)” to “Refrigeration Operator” (see also see transitional issues 11.2)

6.1 Change “fifth class power engineer (refrigeration endorsement)”, to “refrigeration operator”. The name change will be less confusing to industry and better represent this operator class. The examination program will remain the same. This name change will have a negligible effect on TILMA.

6.2 Refrigeration Operator Scope: The scope of operation for the refrigeration operator is equivalent to the fifth class power engineer (refrigeration endorsement)

Please comment if you would like to see changes or add information to this happening.

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