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Taking courses has been a non-stop production for almost 30 years of Glenn McQuarrie's life. Glenn takes great pride in being a qualified Refrigeration Operator Course instructor. Graduating grade 12, immediately into a Power Engineering school and then more training again was just the beginning. Whether it was the winery, the lithium-ion battery plant, a process plant, or a large Recreation Complex, choosing to advance his education has always proven to be the best choice. After 17 years as Chief Engineer the training still continues.


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Juliet P. Brand

Glenn McQuarrie

Glenn McQuarrie is the Chief Engineer at a large multiplex recreation facility. He operates a refrigeration plant as part of his everyday work. Who better to teach you what you need to know than someone who sits in the seat of a Zamboni, participates in the maintenance of the facility, and has a vested interest in its operation and clientele on a daily basis? He recently developed a Refrigeration Operator (RO) course, a Refrigeration Safety Awareness (RSA) course, and an Ice Facility Operator (IFO) course and has been an Instructor for various learning institutes for the last 5 years. He completed his 4th Class Power Engineering course at Vancouver Community College and graduated as one of the youngest Power Engineers ever. With over 30 years of experience he has served at various process and production plants. As an Instructor for his own company, Glenn McQuarrie Enterprises, he travels to host communities throughout western Canada to provide one of the best TSBC/BCSA Approved courses available.

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