If anyone is currently thinking about getting their Refrigeration Plant Operator’s certification then look no further than Glenn McQuarrie Enterprises. Having struggled with trying to complete the course via correspondence I felt immense stress in preparing myself for writing the Safety Authority provincial examination. The weight that my job was hinging on my success or failure of that exam was immense and either by luck or chance I ran into Glenn at a tournament at my local arena. From there we exchanged contact information and began tutoring over the phone.

I wasn’t sure what to expect on my first session but before I knew it I had pages and pages filled with things the other course simply never taught and facts I had simply missed while taking the online course. I felt a weight lifting off me the more material Glenn and I tackled together. I knew this exam was not impossible but Glenn gave me extra boost and stress relief I needed.

Glenn’s professional, calm attitude and excellent knowledge was able to help me sort through the ‘junk’ in textbooks and find the nuggets of gold that ended up being on my safety authority exam. Glenn’s insight to his own personal arena helped show the practical use of the theory in the material and how it actually pertains to arena maintenance workers. I would say that without a shadow of a doubt Glenn was a huge factor to my success in passing my government exam first try.

Glenn sticks out over other Refrigeration Plant Operator course providers as he actually sticks with you before and after your exams to make sure you’re on the ball. I could only smile as I was writing my exam as I saw questions I was able to answer with confidence because of what Glenn taught me. It was a massive stress relief to receive my passing grade in the mail and I have Glenn to thank for being a great mentor through this process.

Thank you for doing what you do Glenn.


Alex C, Courtenay/Comox
I had the honour of attending Glenn’s course for the May, 2016 sitting in Kelowna. I and my fellow students found Glenn to be a superb communicator, thoroughly knowledgeable of the subject matter, and completely professional in his presentation and instruction. He arrived every day perfectly prepared, with an excellent lesson plan that combined sound theory, anecdotal discussions, drawings, pictures, videos, and demonstrations. I personally had never had experience with ANY of the material, and had come from a completely different employment background. Yet Glenn’s calm, personable, enjoyable way of instruction was the reason I comfortably passed the R.O. exam on my first attempt. The time and effort that he spent away from the classroom in preparing the best way to present each and every segment, each and every day, shone through in his conduct during the course, and is reflected in the success of his students.

I have had a lifetime of teachers, coaches, instructors, professors, and mentors, and can honestly put Glenn McQuarrie at the top of the list. He has worked in this industry for decades, he clearly is very good and successful at his job, he enjoys it, and he wants new operators to be the very best they can be. This all shows through in his teaching. Glenn has traveled far and wide to tour many facilities and learn all he can about this business, and he passes it on to his students in a practical, fun, enjoyable way. He is an utterly decent, instantly likeable man, and enrolling in his course is the smartest decision you can make for your career. He is the very best.

Greg, Kelowna
Glenn is the best Instructor I have had, including University Professors. If you want to learn about Refrigeration Systems, Glenn is your man.Aaron, Langley
Glenn’s technical expertise is substantial and his student pass rate is among the best in the Refrigeration Operator Certification field!Ross deBoer
Without your knowledge, helpfulness and dedication, our exam would have been more challenging. It is comforting to know that whenever I have a question, you answer right away. I like that you refer to your personal work-related situations as examples when teaching a lesson along with regular course outline. I have learned so much from you, and sometimes I just needed that little extra. Thank you for being a remarkable teacher. I am very grateful to have had you as a teacher.
Chad, Oliver

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