Getting Ready for the Ice Facility Operator course with Glenn McQuarrie Enterprises

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  1. Getting Ready for the Ice Facility Operator course with Glenn McQuarrie Enterprises:
    Glenn McQuarrie Enterprises is proud to present the
    Ice Facility Operator (IFO)-Week 1 of the Refrigeration Operator (RO) course.

    Register Online at and we will send you an Invoice with the preferred payment of an E-transfer. Cheques upon request.

    Classroom Schedule:
    This is a 5 day (40 hour) Instructional Course.
    Your class start date is usually on a Monday.
    Class Dates are CONFIRMED asap.
    The class time is 8am to 4pm.
    The location occurs at host communities throughout Canada.

    Please follow good working values during the course. There will be a break for lunch at approximately 12:00 noon. Class ends at approximately 4pm.

    The Final Certification will be awarded by TSBC only if the candidate successfully meets all the following requirements:

    The designed order and best results to receiving certification is:

    Obtain the required knowledge through instruction and study at an Approved Course Provider, such as Glenn McQuarrie Enterprises.
    Completes technical education by passing the Glenn McQuarrie Enterprises’ course Final Exam. This course is a requirement by those wishing to become an exam candidate at TSBC.

    And continue your study and review. Obtain a healthy 85% mark at home on all tests.

    Apply for the TSBC examination when it is best for you, when you are ready.

    And again, continue studying and reviewing. Tutor if necessary.

    Successfully clears the relevant TSBC certificate of qualification exam. 65% or better.

    Applies for evaluation of the above steps. This is an application that I can assist you with.

    Completes required qualifying time or work experience. This is usually obtained from your employment in the field.
    Submit Form 1026 – Work Experience to TSBC

    Your certificate is posted to your TSBC account and now you can print off and hang your certificate on the wall at work.

    Certification Details – Let’s Get Started
    Obtaining a Certificate of Qualification from Technical Safety BC (TSBC) – formerly known as the British Columbia Safety Authority (BCSA), provides assurance that you have the knowledge and ability to do regulated work. The Safety Standards Act defines the scope of regulated work within the specific certificate.
    The classroom time is a prerequisite in this process and attendance will be recorded. The instruction flows at a moderate rate and questions are covered in detail. To ensure success, every student is recommended to participate as well as follow precise guidelines. Those that adhere to this advice have the highest success rate.
    This includes but is not limited to, every person being respectful to all others. Improper behavior will not be tolerated, and any person asked to leave the course will not receive a refund of any type. This course is enjoyable and informative, and we pride ourselves in maintaining
    • Important:
    o KEEP IN TOUCH WITH US !!! We have regular updates you need to know about.

    We will assist everyone with the required exam and evaluation applications.
    Unlike some other course providers, we do not charge students for exam questions, but I ask that you do not share or use any of our material without my written consent as it is all copyrighted 2020.

    Our Recommendations are:

    o Study & Review. If you do not obtain at least 85% on your exams, do not attempt the TSBC Exam! Study hard and bring your marks up. Ie: After the class is done, study everyday until the sitting of the exam.
    o You must complete registration AND payment to TSBC before month’s end if you want to take the exam the following month.
    Note: You are not required to take the exam at the next sitting. The date of your exam is YOUR choice and should only be made after careful evaluation of your understanding. WE CAN ASSIST WITH THIS PROCESS AT NO CHARGE!!!

    Classroom Material

    We ask that each student brings several highlighters of various colors. If the course includes these books, Do not write in the Academic Supplements or Code Books !!! as TSBC may not allow the material in the examination if it has writing/printing in it.. Sticky notes work well as we can remove them prior to the exam. Highlighting is permitted.
    Also bring a ruler, pencil, pen, and an eraser as there are many instances where we will be drawing the components of a refrigeration system as well as extensive note taking. Building your own “Flash Cards” are highly recommended.

    Instructional Tours
    Walking tours of a refrigeration plant may or may not take place depending on time and permission but do wear comfortable closed toed shoes in the event a tour does take place.
    No contact lenses are to be worn in the machinery rooms during the tours.
    No hands-on experience will be conducted during the tours. It is instructional only.
    The certification process for the Refrigeration Safety Awareness, the Ice Facility Operators, the Refrigeration Operators, and Power Engineers requires candidates to clear a TSBC certification Exam as well as a TSBC Evaluation. Both steps are independent of each other, and candidates can apply for either process at any stage, provided all prerequisites have been met. As an added support, we will assist you with all applications.

    To Book an Exam

    As mentioned earlier, it is your choice when to take your exam. After 30+ years of working in this Industry and teaching for more than 10 years I have gained a great ability to evaluate an individual’s understanding of the knowledge required to be successful. Besides offering additional tutoring, I can provide Pre-Exam Evaluations that allow you to gain a proper perspective of your understanding.
    1. Submit the completed application form along with proof that you meet the minimum requirement for the exam. We will complete the applications in class.
    2. Make payment To TSBC. Any TSBC fees are not included in the course cost.
    3. Receive your exam confirmation letter by email or mail (depending on preference indicated).
    4. Sit for your exam (remember to bring government issued photo identification when you write your exam).
    5. Receive your exam results (by mail or email depending on the preference you have indicated).

    The TSBC Evaluation

    1. Submit evaluation form along with plant operating experience form 1026 to any Technical Safety BC office. Provide supporting documents. I will provide a Course Completion Certificate to all those students passing this course with a 65% or higher mark. We will complete the evaluation form in class.
    2. Make payment for evaluation to TSBC. Again, Any TSBC fees are not included in the course cost. Make payment when the form is submitted
    3. You will receive your evaluation confirmation letter by email or mail (depending on preference indicated). This can take up to five business days after receipt of the completed application form.
    4. Once the exam and evaluation steps are completed, you will receive your certification, you can download your wall certificate and receive your wallet card. Contact TSBC @ Contact us if you have not received any notification within four weeks of submitting the evaluation application.

    Certificate Renewal

    Certificates of Qualification must be renewed every three years.
    There have been changes made to the rules recently. For more information, refer here.

    Final Note

    *Please be advised that this course is Confirmed and there will be no refunds.
    This prevents cancelation of the entire course.

    If you have any questions, please use this email for contact.
    Thank-you and remember, Nothing Worthwhile is ever easy!

    Glenn McQuarrie
    Glenn McQuarrie Enterprises
    8am – 8pm daily
    7 days a week.

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